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German center for thermal ablation

The Department for Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital is an international leader in the treatment of thyroid diseases. It offers a wider range of thermal ablative techniques than any other hospital in Germany. Thermal ablation is the treatment of diseased tissue by heat.
The German Center for Thermoablation of Thyroid Nodules was founded to develop these methods and to share our expertise. This institution based at the Frankfurt University Hospital aims at optimizing thermal ablation of thyroid nodules in Germany and supporting exchange between medical doctors about experience with different thermal ablative techniques.

„Most patients have reservations towards thyroid surgeries, especially because of the risks, but also in view of the required general anesthesia. For thermal ablation, this is not necessary, because it is performed in local anesthesia“ Thermal Ablation of Thyroid Nodules is a Minimal Invasive Alternative to Thyroid Surgery

How it works
explains PD Dr. Dr. Huedayi Korkusuz, who has been establishing thermal ablative techniques for thyroid diseases in Frankfurt since 2012. Different forms of heat emitting energies can be conducted into the thyroid nodules through a thin probe, only a very small access through the skin is necessary. Therefore, the diseased tissue is heated accurately, destroyed and eliminated by the body itself. Adjacent organs are not affected. The treatment methods are effective, safe for the patient and also show excellent cosmetic results.

The right therapy for each patient
The department for Nuclear Medicine at the Frankfurt University Hospital has a unique range of different techniques for the treatment of thyroid nodules. “A personal conversation and a detailed examination are important to offer each patient an individual therapy”, says PD Dr. Korkusuz. Apart from radioiodine therapy, which has been used successfully for a long time, the thermal ablative methods Microwave Ablation, Radiofrequency Ablation and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound are offered. These methods can also be combined with radioiodine therapy. Until now, 200 patients have been treated with thermal ablation in Frankfurt; the experiences are consistently positive.